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SGS took on the concrete, masonry, and waterproofing scopes for the full-scale restoration of the Annapolis Yacht Club. SGS prepped and poured footings, grade beams, slab on grade, columns, deck slabs and an elevator pit. SGS also completed the full masonry scope as well as exterior wall and elevator pit waterproofing.

Concrete, Masonry, Waterproofing

Annapolis Yacht Club- Whiting- Turner
 2 Compromise Street,
 Annapolis, MD

SGS is excited to partner once again with Whiting-Turner on the Maloney Hall restoration project. SGS prepped and placed footings, slab on grade, topping slabs, slab on metal deck, and ramp slabs, pouring in total excess of 500 yards of concrete.


Catholic University of America- Whiting- Turner
 620 Michigan Ave. NE,
 Washington, D.C.

SGS placed 10,000 square feet of FRP to structurally support new loads at WRAIR Building 511. Additionally, SGS performed concrete beam enlargement around beams that FRP could not support the new required capacity.

FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastic) and Concrete Repair

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research- Turner Construction
 9001 Brookeville Rd.,
 Silver Spring, MD

SGS partnered with Whiting-Tuner at Barry Farms Recreation Center to complete a variety of scope items.

Tasks on this project included installing new concrete, concrete repair, steel column base grouting, slab jacking, storm water tank remediation, water filter installation, and concrete slab overlayment.

Concrete, Slabjacking, Grouting

Barry Farms Recreation Center / Whiting-Turner Contracting
 1230 Sumner Road SE
 Washington D.C.

The concrete slab supporting the trash compactors had sunk about 4 inches because of voids below the surface. SGS raised the concrete slab to its original height so that it would lie flush with the adjacent concrete slab and retaining wall. Our crew pumped grout into various holes, filling the underground voids and raising the concrete slab to its original elevation.

Slab Jacking

Cordoza High School - GCS Inc. 1200 Clifton Street NW Washington, DC

SGS completed approximately 25,000 square feet of overhead beams and spalling repairs. SGS formed overhead beams and pumped high strength grout as well as patched the overhead spalling repairs with Sika VOH.

Concrete Repair

Ron Brown College Preparatory High School- Saxon Collaborative Construction
 4800 Meade Street NE,
 Washington, D.C.

SGS formed and placed a new concrete ramp, footers, and masonry wall. Additionally, SGS placed a brick veneer at the ramp wall and tuck-pointed brick around the new openings.

Masonry and Concrete

Syphax Educational Center- Whiting-Turner
 2110 Washington Blvd.,
 Arlington, VA

SGS formed and placed a 120-foot retaining wall and placed an architectural brick veneer at an existing concrete ramp.

Masonry and Concrete

Roosevelt Towers- Bozzuto
 500 Roosevelt Blvd,
 Falls Church, VA

SGS was proud to partner up with Manhattan Construction to perform this historic façade restoration and waterproofing of the Ryan and Mulledy Hall buildings at Georgetown University. This challenging project included a full tuckpoint of all existing masonry, stone repair, exterior and interior waterproofing, new masonry construction, structural repairs, and full exterior cleaning.

Full Façade Restoration and Waterproofing

Manhatten Construction tuckpointing and waterproofing
 Georgetown University
 Washington D.C.