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Projects & Photos - Soil Stabilization

The corrugated metal storm water management pipes had rusted through the bottom and sides of the pipes causing erosion and washout underneath the headwall. SGS placed and filled grout bags under the headwall to fill the 3 foot voids and stabilize the soil beneath. Additionally, our crew filled the voids behind the wall and in between the grout bags for maximum stabilization.

Storm Water Infrastructure Erosion Repair with Grout Bags

Storm Drain Outfall Restoration Strohecker
 Brockbridge Rd., Laurel, MD

SGS placed and filled grout bags to promote the stabilization of the soil while also preventing erosion under the bridge.

Soil Stabilization of Stream Bed Under Bridge

Grout Bags Strohecker
 Harwood Road Bridge
 Annapolis MD

SGS stabilized a storm water management pipe that had completely fractured in half. Our team stabilized the pipe and the surrounding eroded areas with grout bags as well as filled the voids behind the bags with grout.

Storm Water Infrastructure Erosion Repair with Grout Bags

Culvert Restoration Project -
 528 Saltworks Ct. Annapolis, MD

SGS grouted the soil behind the gabion walls around the entire perimeter of the storm water management ponds to prevent water leakage. SGS drove 140 2” caissons around the perimeter of the two storm water management ponds. Our team then pumped grout in each caisson to fill the voids and create a solid foundation in which a new sidewalk was to be installed. Additionally, this process sealed the leaks in the ponds.

Soil Grouting

National Memorial Park -
 Total Development Solutions
 7482 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA